MyFonts: No glyph data available

Hi there!

MyFonts says this about my font: There is no glyph data available for this style, when clicking on the Glyphs tab. That is pretty strange. Of course i’ve asked a couple of time if they can fix this, it was passed on to their IT departement. But it’s too difficult to fix, or I’m just too small a client to really fix it for me :slight_smile:

Does anyone have had a similar problem, or even a fix? Because the problem also can be with the fontfiles (OTF’s) i’ve uploaded and who are exported from Glyphs App.

Great thanks!


I don’t know what the problem is. Just guessing here. It might have to do with the grave in the font name.

Thanks for the reply, in the OTF’s the agrave is not there, just AgravePro-Regular.otf etc. Maybe a new export from the latest and greatest version of Glyphs + upload to myfont would do the trick.