Myfonts upload errors

Does anyone know what this errors means?

That means you are missing extreme points in some curves. This is explained here:

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Can you help me to find a solution to this problem too?

Can you install the font in FontBook? It should give you an error message that might be a bit more useful.

And how does your .notdef glyph looks like?

I just installed it in the font book but no error message appears when I install it. And .notdef looks like normal just tofu box.

Then ask Myfonts :wink:

Not sure how we can help you with that. The first check says that your lowercase o is not centered. Did you check if your lowercase o is centered or not? It also says that it may be a warning you can disregard under some circumstances. Do these apply to your typeface?

I just got the “failed to parse table” and “failed to sanitize file” errors on a submission too. Were you able to solve those?

Can you ask MyFonts for feedback? We cannot do much about it if a tool we have no access to fails to parse an OpenType table. I can only suspect that the tool cannot handle variable fonts yet and chokes on some of the new tables. If that is the case, you will be able to ignore it.

Generally MyFonts’ advice is “go read this page on the Glyphs site” :roll_eyes:

In this case, they did confirm that it was an unnecessary error and to ignore.

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