Mystery orange dot on showing on glyphs?

Hello, there’s a small thing that is bugging me as I can’t find out what it means. It is a small orange dot on my lowercase t - it might be part of ‘tops and bottoms’ plugin as it goes away when I run that off but not sure. Can anyone tell me what it means and how to fix the issue it is supposedly flagging? thanks for any info, cheers

Can you show the outline structure of your t? It looks like it’s an indicator for a point that is very close to, but not perfectly situated on the baseline.

Thanks Sebastian, that is it! I moved the point and it disappeared. I guess I can leave it unless there is something bad about that?

This is simply an indicator for things that might not be intentional. If it is, you can leave it, of course. Do be sure to check your screen rendering, though, as there might be different hinting results depending on whether you have the point inside the alignment zone or on the baseline.

Yes, that’s good to remember about the alignment zones / hinting, thanks again for your help, these dots were triggering my OCD! Cheers

The plug-in marks nodes that are just off the metric line (the baseline in this case).

Hi Rainer, Thanks for confirming that, Cheers

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