Mystery shape appearing below 'M'?

Hi, I exported my font & it’s looking great. When I install & view it in Fontbook a little black blob appears below the M. It isn’t in the actual typeface & disappears when I write a word with the M.
… any ideas on how to get rid of it?

That shape probably belongs to a completely different glyph. Review every single glyph, and select all outlines using command+A shortcut. You will see the size of selection at the bottom info box. One glyph will show unusually large selection area.


This is certainly path debris from a different glyph. What Tosche said, or you can also step through your glyphs, and it should show at some point. Or run the Test > Report Highest and Lowest Glyphs script from the mekkablue script repository.

Thanks!.. I went through all the letters and found the debris. :slight_smile: