Name changes when exporting ufo

I have discovered, when exporting a ufo file from Glyphs, that it changes a number of the readable character names to the unixxxx format. Is this the standard way of doing it?

I try to export names that you can just use in any external program. That means that I have to switch to production names.

you can check “disable nice names” in Font Info before you export the .ufo.

I think about changing that for a future version.

I did not have “don’t use nice names” checked. Glyphs changed all Cyrillic characters in the font to the unixxxx format, plus a few others.

What brought this to my attention was the fact that Metrics Machine would not recognize the name “servicemark”. When I changed my pair list to uni2020 it did recognize it.

I meant you should active “don’t use nice names” before you export.

Aha! Let me try that.

[EDIT] That works, but I’m still doing some testing.