"Name Table Entry" cannot be set for Regular and Bold fonts

I make 5 weight Japanese fonts with style names Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold.

OTF fonts exported by Glyphs
When trying to select with Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC,
The Regular and Bold styles disappear.
Other weights such as Medium are displayed properly.

Because I want to fix the problem
With custom parameters for the instance
I set ID: 4,1,16 in Name Table Entry,
If you export to OTF, the settings will be lost.

How can I set it properly?

You probably also need a postscriptFontName, postscriptFullName parameter, too.
Can you send me the file, remove all glyphs if you need.

Thank you for your response.

postscriptFontName and postscriptFullName Is set.

This issue seems to occur in older applications such as Microsoft Word 2011.

However, there are fonts that display regular and bold fonts properly, so I think they will be displayed if the name table is written properly.

GenRyuMin JP Bold will display regular and bold properly.

I wanted to imitate this font and modify the nametable.

However, even if it is corrected by Glyphs, it is not reflected. :frowning:

The sample on the left hast the “Bold” in name ID 1. That is a very bad idea as then you loose style linking and that means when someone uses this font and presses the “B” button in the Word, it will produce a fake Bold instead of using the actual bold font. The rest of the table seems to be similar enough so that seem to be what that version of Word is showing. But if it only happening in older versions, that was most likely a bug. And never try to fix bugs in some apps with introducing bugs in your font.

That is the way it is supposed to be in Word menus. Bold, Italic and Bold Italic are accessed with the B and I buttons.

If you do not want that, you would need to disable style linking. But that will break the B and I buttons. More info in the Naming tutorial.

Thank you for your reply.
The reason is the style link.

I understand.

If you use the regular, medium, and bold style names,
There seems to be no choice but to give up.

Thank you very much.
I think about this again.