Name Table Structure Error

Hi, I’m exporting to .otf and getting an error on Mac font validation.
It doesn’t happen when exporting to ttf.
The parameters all seem fine and even match a previous file that was installed ok.
I previously added Designer URL, License URL etc. but deleted them to track down the issue.
I can’t delete Manufacturer, Copyright, or License fields.
Could the table be messed up?

Update: I looked in the .oft file and saw ‘copyright missing’. I then added a value which cleared the error.
Is there a way to remove unwanted fields in file info or don’t export them if empty?

Hold down the Option key and click the minus button to the right of the field.

Alternatively, select the row of the field by clicking on the label (Copyright in your case). Delete the selected row by pressing Command-Delete.

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Excellent! Thanks @FlorianPircher