nameID 16 & 17

Glyphs 1.4.4 (588), OS 10.8.5.

Is there a problem with nameID 16 & 17? According to the spec they should differ from nameID 1 & 2. In doing a test, I find that if I enter a variant name in nameID 16 and a variant style name in nameID 17, when the font is generated it changes nameID 1 & 2 for the Mac platform and also nameID 4 for both platforms to match nameID 16 & 17. I think something is not right because they should differ.

The reason I want to use nameID 16 & 17 at all is due to known problems with MS Word 11. It has also been recommended to include nameID 18 but others disagree so I’m not sure if I need that.

How did you set the names?

Font Info >Instances >Custom Parameters >prefferedFamilyName and >preferredSubFamilyName

This seems to be a bug. I have a look why I did it like this.