Naming Abbreviation

I am working a Super Family with 5 width parameters ( Condensed, Semi Condensed, Normal, Semi Wide, and Wide) in 10 styles (Hairline, Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black) each.

It is becoming complicated with the naming especially when deciding what is the best abbreviation for each width name or style name.

I checked most naming resources like:

And it is still confusing to know what is the best and agreed on abbreviations:

can you please advice what is the better option for each style below? :

⁃ Hairline : Hl or Hr
⁃ Thin : Th or T
⁃ ExtraLight : XLt or XL or EL
⁃ Light : Lt or L
⁃ Regular : Rg or R
⁃ Medium : Md or M
⁃ SemiBold : SmBd or SB
⁃ Bold : Bd or B
⁃ ExtraBold : XBd or XB or EB
⁃ Black : Blk or BL
⁃ Condensed : Cn or Cd or C
⁃ SemiCondensed : SmCn or SC
⁃ Wide : Wd or W
⁃ SemiWide : SmWd or SW

Thank you

From Adobe

From Glyphs App Tutorial

Perhaps this thread could be of some help: Overly-strict font name max length recommendation in naming tutorial

This is explained in the Adobe Tech Note: the difference is that one of them is the list of abbreviations for style names (which I quoted in the Naming tutorial), and the other is the ‘abbreviations used in Adobe PC font file names’, and yet another one is the abbreviations for ‘axis labels in primary font names’.

The only one that matters today anymore are the abreviations I quoted in the Naming tutorial.

Thank You Rainer,

So we should rely on the list found in the Naming Tutorial.

I can’t find the abbreviation for Hairline and Wide in the list.
Any suggestions for these? Or better not to use them?