Naming of (Regular) Italics

What is the most sensible solution for naming Regular-Italics?
-Regular & -Italic or -Regular & Regular-Italic ?
For the sake of logic and findability, “Regular Italic” would make sense, but (Regular) fonts are often just called “Italic”. Is there a (technical) reason for this?

It’s usually just ‘Italic’. Regular is a placeholder fill-in term that is used because of the lack of a better word for what you consider the normal variant of the typeface. Regular means just as much ‘not italic’ as it means ‘not bold’ or ‘not wide’, etc.

The word is hence considered ‘elidable’ in variable fonts. It disappears as soon as you have anything that makes it ‘not normal’.

Nevertheless, it is always irritating in the font menu if the “regular Italics” are not in the right place in the list - with the “normal upright” (regular Roman – or whatever you call them). Or is there a trick?