Narrowing outline of a glyph without scaling

How to narrow outline of a glyph without scaling.
glyphs app has that function when changing master weight. but i want to do that for editing few glyphs for a font with only one weight.

scaling will change the size of the outline making it bigger than other glyphs.

in this picture it’s manual editing. is there any transformation function/script to do that?

  • Filter > Offset Curve may give you a good start
  • Is it a multiple master file? Then you can try the Remix Tools, see the Extend page
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it did the job with minor manual corrections.

thanks @mekkablue

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this filter applied on all glyphs. i wanted it for some not all
sorry for no such filter for thickening/Narrowing a stem. not offsetting it.

You can apply the filter also to individual glyphs or even just the selected outline. Depends on your selection.


actually this is not the case with me.
selected a single outline in edit view (doubling click on an outline)
then > Filter > Offset Curve:
the targeted glyph get affected. but also the rest glyphs get a gray appearance. hitting space shows a preview of a black glyph with a gray boundary.

the targeted glyph:

example of other untargeted glyph but affected:

why all other glyphs get affected?
the desired action is only to thicken or narrow some glyphs

The grey outline is controlled by the “Show Preview Offset”. Disable it. It is meant for something else.

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