Navigation within filtered glyphs

Hello everybody,

In my daily practice, I find Filters to be extremely useful and powerful at different stages of the project development. I have list filters with pre-defined glyph sets for each phase of the development, I have smart filters that help me at QA stage, project specific filters (e.g. the glyph set of a font), and so on.

Here is the question: Is there a way to navigate only through the filtered glyphs? Meaning, once I open in a tab a glyph from the filtered selection, I would find extremely useful that the commands Show Next Glyph and Show Previous Glyph would move to the next, or previous glyph of the filtered selection. What really happens is that these commands will display the glyph that comes after or before the one I have in the tab, but considering the whole font and its glyph order.


There is the command “View > Navigation > Show Previous/Next Glyph From Font View”

Thanks a lot Georg! That is exactly what I needed. I saw the command is explicit in Glyphs 3 but it is not in Glyphs 2. Nevertheless, the shortcut works the same in both (I’m still using Glpyhs 2 for some projects). Holding Shift and then pressing the key to change to Next or Previous glyph does the job.