Need Consultation from an expert in OpenType

If this type of post is not welcome here, let me know and please suggestion where to post it instead.

I’m loving Glyphs, but I could use some expert help and consultations on implementing my ideas. I am a software developer and business owner, so this type of arrangement is pretty natural for me (reach out for expert help as I’m getting up to speed).

I don’t expect you to do any glyphs yourself (except for illustrative purposes), I just need help with the features implementation and answering some broader questions regarding OpenType capabilities and compatibility across platforms (web vs desktop vs mobile vs print).

Ideally, you should understand all the magic that makes something like Chartwell possible.

Also, knowledge of how to automate Glyphs or external (fonttool) automation of feature creation.

Please contact me directly with your rates and availability:


• How do emoji’s work even when each font doesn’t implement them? Is it possible to create your glyphs that work this way, perhaps using the Private Code Point ranges?

• How can I truncate a long glyph (think a sentence), at a certain size/length and replace the end with ellipses? What about reflow (adding newlines essentially)? Don’t tell me why this isn’t a good idea, I just want to know the capabilities.

• Can features be shared across a font family without duplicating them around?


This is how the app works out of the box already. Look into file > font info > features. The code you type here applies to all instances that are exported from this family.

True, but once exported/compiled, the result are embedded in every font of the family, right?

From the feature code, so-called OpenType tables are compiled. And these are in all exported fonts, yes. Simple features can be automated. See the handbook, or use the search function of the Tutorials page to see if there is a tutorial about the feature you are interested in.