Need Guidance on Glyph Design in Glyphs App

Hello there,

I’m relatively new to Glyphs and have been thoroughly enjoying exploring its capabilities for designing fonts. However, I’ve encountered a few challenges along the way, particularly in refining my glyph designs.

Specifically, I’m struggling with achieving consistency in glyph proportions and curves. I find that some of my glyphs appear slightly disproportionate compared to others, and I’m unsure how to address this effectively.

Additionally, I’m curious about techniques for achieving smooth curves, especially when it comes to intricate shapes or serif designs. I often find my curves to be slightly jagged or uneven, and I’m eager to learn methods for improving their smoothness and overall aesthetic appeal.

Could anyone offer some advice or point me towards resources/tutorials that focus on these aspects of glyph design within Glyphs? Any insights, tips, or recommended practices would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

In terms of getting more secure with your design decisions, I recommend to try one of the many (online or offline) courses. See the Learn section (scroll down for online classes, many are free) or keep an eye on the Events section. Try to make friends with experienced designers and get their feedback. It may blow you away at first 🫨 but don’t let that discourage you, you’ll get the gist quickly. :muscle:

Don’t fall in love too much and get stuck with your early designs, say your first two or three fonts. You will look at them in a few years and go aaaaargh. That’s normal.

I’ll pick this one out. It’s a bit nerdy and advanced but you may want to read through this anyway: