Need help adding a Zero Width No-Break Space (U+FEFF)

I’m in need of some help adding a ZWNBSP. I’m new to Glyphs and cannot seem to figure out how to add this particular space.

I’ve tried such things as adding a new glyph, and then altering the name (in a variety of ways) in hopes of finding a match in the “auto suggestion” menu that comes up when naming a character. No luck there. I’ve found alternate suggestions, i.e., zerowidthjoiner, etc., but I specifically require the ZWNBSP.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to enter Unicode values for characters?

Just enter “uniFEFF” as the glyph name.

But was is the difference to the character “uni200D”?
“uniFEFF” has a adobe glyph list name of “zerowidthjoiner” but the “uni200D” has a unicode description like: “ZERO WIDTH JOINER”.

Thanks Georg, worked perfectly.

I’m actually not sure what the difference is. I’ve yet to find a clear answer, but I believe uniFEFF might be a depreciated character, perhaps replaced by the zerowidthjoiner(?). The adobe glyph list name for FEFF was a little confusing. Again, perhaps depreciation is the answer.