Need help setting up new weights

I need some help setting up new weights. I’ve read the instructions (pages 1-3) but I can’t make it to work in my font.
When I set everything up according to the ‘Setting up masters’ instructions, and then generate a / the font(s) I get this error:
The operation couldn’t be completed.
(Cocoa error 11.)
The font contains glyphs with the same unicode.
Please check the Glyphs:
b = b

‘b’ is the glyph I added to do a test with.

I must be doing something wrong, or I’m missing a setting, but I can’t generate both fonts.

Can somebody help me out here? Thanks.

This has nothing to do with your master setup. The error message says that you have two glyphs that have the same unicode. This should not happen and is prevented in most places but you still can manage to slip a duplicate glyph in. in Font view, search for ‘b’ and delete on of the two glyphs.

I don’t have 2 b’s in my masters! I have a Regular font completely filled. And I have a Bold font with just a (test) a in. Nothing else.
Where should my b be? :wink:

Not in your masters but in the Font View. Can you send me your file and I have a look.

Sorry, I found it! I restarted Glyphs, openen the file again and suddenly it popped up. Now it works like a charm. :wink:

Thanks anyway.

I had a similar Cocoa issue with the Tcedilla-Tcommaaccent pair. (Cocoa error 11.)

First I simply duplicated the Tcommaaccent and tcommaaccent and composed the Tcedilla and tcedilla out of them. But that gave me an error of the same unicode for the cap letters (but not for the lc ones).

Then I deleted the -cedilla versions and added them manually. Problem persists, still, strangely, only with the cap letters.

Finally, I simply deleted the Tcedilla and the font still would not export, until I refreshed the features. Then it exported.

Still I am not convinced I acted properly, since I now have a font with Tcommaaccent, tcommaaccent, and tcedilla. I am not sure if it will display properly everywhere. Besides, Wikipedia tells me there actually is such a symbol (Tccedilla with the cedilla proper) in a language besides Romanian.

Tcedilla and tcedilla are incorrect forms of tcommaaccent and Tcommaaccent.

Romanians didn’t have proper mapping for commaaccent and used cedilla for some time until the error was resolved. Afterwards, it seems that many fonts supplied with both, which I think is bad form.

Here is a good source material:

Thank you, that is very helpful.

Something interesting:
The language that still uses the Tcedilla is, according to Wikipedia, Gagauz.

Gagauz language uses Ţ (T with cedilla) and Ş (S with cedilla). Ţ (T with cedilla) only exists in the Gagauz language.

Surprisingly, some of the Gagauz people live where I am at as well. It can, of course, be a matter for the .locl fature, just saying there is such a creature as a Tcedilla. If the Gagauz have not substituted it for the Tcommaaccent, I have no information on that.

Again, thanks for the article. :slight_smile:

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Most probably, since it is the same region and I bet my money that the wiki article needs updating. However, we might need a gagauzi to verify.

Is there a Gagauz typographer on this planet?

I agree with @Realist. The article states they are a minority in Moldova, so I tend to think they use the same scheme as Moldovan and Romanian, and that the statement about Tcommaaccent is wrong.

This is what Michael Everson wrote about it (2001):

“Gagauzi in Russia use Cyrillic; Gagauzi in Romania use Latin. Note that in Romania, Gagauz uses the characters S WITH COMMA BELOW and T WITH COMMA BELOW. In inferior Gagauz typography, the glyphs for these characters are sometimes drawn with CEDILLAs, but it is strongly recommended to avoid this practice. However, because Gagauz is a Turkic language, it may be left to the user to decide whether S WITH COMMA BELOW (as in Romanian) or S WITH CEDILLA (as in Turkish) is preferred.” –

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Thanks for pointing this out, @George_Thomas, I am thinking how this should be implemented in locl. I wonder what keyboard layouts they use. I suppose they are written with a Romanian keyboard, so, for backwards compatibility, it may make sense to add language GAG to the Romanian/Moldovan locl feature.

I found this old post discussing Gagauzi language support. As this language also uses Idotaccent (Gagauz language - Wikipedia) how can this be added to the locl feature in order to case change the I Idotaccent i idotless as Turkish does.

Tried adding
language GAG;
lookup locl_latn_0;
but no effect

You might need to update the languageSystems entry.