Need help to find the right process

Hi everybody !
I need some help about the best way to create the different styles of my font family :

For now, I have only one .glyphs file with my master. When exporting, it generates the differents styles/instances automatically thanks to Custom Parameters (it is a real time saving ! :pray:)

As I explained here, I’ll have to fix some problems on the OTF files after export.

So what is the best process ?

I open the different exported OTF files and create new .glyphs file for each ?
Then I modify and fix the paths problems and export the fonts again ?

Thank you for your advice ! :wink:

You can File > Generate Instances, which creates a separate .glyphs file.

But I would try to optimise the custom parameters, in the worst case write my own plug-in. Or what exactly is the problem you cannot fix with it?

Thanks @mekkablue.
The problem is the one I’ve talked about in that post.
The OffsetCurve parameter creates weird intersect artefacts at the corner of my letters.
Despite my trys with RemoveOverlap and DeleteSmallPaths I don’t find how to get rid of those shapes…

Hey @mekkablue.
Do you think it’s worth trying out new settings ?
Do you think there is a “coded” solution ?
Otherwise, I’ll generate instances and fix the path errors by myself.

I tried to generate instances, but the custom parameters are not applied, they are just copied in the instances options of the new file.

So how to generate files whith effects applied ? (because my need is to fix path errors that appear with the custom parameters)

Does anyone knows how to generate instances with all the custom parameters applied ?

@GeorgSeifert - is it possible to apply Custom Parameters while using Generate Instances from the top menu? Would be great to have this as an option to a regular Generate Instances.

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I’ll put it on the list.