New approaches of Arabic and English typeface, Please your feedback

I would like to share with you a new Arabic and English typeface under the name “AK Riyadh Sans”, The font has a compatible in both languages Arabic and English with nice and modern shapes.

Here you can find the font presentation with all details: - YouTube

Also, I’m looking to see your feedback to updated and develop the font from all the sides to go ahead and make the best.

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Hi Abdullah:

Consider joining where you can get a wider audience for design feedback. If you join, it is required that you use your full real name as opposed to a nickname.

Are you aware of @yanone’s ?

Yes, this looks very similar to Amman.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your comment, I really like this font, but I designed this font with the totally different spirit in all weights some times you can see the similarity.

Your suggestions are important to me.


I am afraid this is too close to Amman (in fact the closest to Amman I’ve ever seen) to claim it “totally different”, which carries even less weight when it comes from the makers themselves. The world of Arabic typeface design is huge, much less explored than Latin, and there are so many possibilities you can try before accidentally bumping into Amman’s style. It is therefore very obvious when I see a case like this where you got the inspiration from.

I see that you are a student, so let me tell my perspective. When you start learning typeface design, you often lack the ability to create a nice shapes. Without a good or any guidance, yor first projects tend to be geometric/modular or modification of an existing typeface (I’ve done both in undergraduate). Typeface design does not have an easy start, and requires a lot of experience until you gain full control of your letterforms. I therefore ask you to be honest about your work and regard it as strictly study, not creation.