New Export Behavior in 3.2 (3227)?

Hi! I updated to 3227 yesterday and am now running into export errors that didn’t happen before.

When exporting static fonts a warning stating “There are instances that will have the same file name and would overwrite each other.” appears.

As a quick fix I exported the ‘Text’ styles first, renamed the files so that they won’t be overwritten, then exported ‘Display’.

This results in strange behavior in my fontbook – if I have a ‘medium’ font of both the ‘Text’ and ‘Display’ typefaces it only allows me to have one activated. Then, if I activate the greyed out version, it swaps, and the other typeface weight becomes deactivated – very odd!

Am I missing anything?

Could you send me the file, so that I can have a look?

You used the “Typographic Family Names” in the instances. You should use “Localized Family Names”. The Typo names are specifically to set name id 16, nothing else (that might have been less clear in previous versions).