New Glyphs version shows incomplete glyph lists

Since upgrading, the glyphs window only shows a few rows of glyphs.

Here’s a screenshot:!AigaVgE-Hv71ptkQztymOS4tpi-tqA

That happens some times and I don’t know what causes it, yet. Usually, restarting the app fixes it.

That didn’t work. Often a view will show all the glyphs but when I scroll they disappear. It’s a big problem. I’m trying to finish my font before Typecon and this prevents me from working.

What version do you have?

Can you try to start without plugins by holding down opt+shift when you start the app?

I have 2.5.1 (1141). I upgraded a bit ago but it says I’m up to date. Running without plugins seems to have worked. I just have the “Glyphs-Scripts master 2” that I think you wrote?