New thing: Glyphs Scripts Index

There are many great scripts for Glyphs. I always wanted a way to search all scripts (whether installed or not) to see if the script I want already exists. So I made a searchable scripts index:

The filter field in the top right searches both in script titles and descriptions:

Hover your mouse pointer over a script to see its full description, if any.

Click a script to show its code on GitHub.

Let me know if something does not work as expected. The site does not work on narrow screens as that would be extra work and I don’t see myself searching for Glyphs scripts on my phone.


@FlorianPircher that’s a very useful tool! Just curious how often does it update?

Well, it should update every few minutes by itself, but for now I am still tweaking some stuff under the hood which is why the automatic updates are turned off at the moment. Expect the current version to be up-to-date with a 1–2 day delay for now; much faster updates are coming soon.


seeing such a nice interface is good inspiration for me to make some folders, tweak names slightly :slight_smile:

this is great, florian - thanks for building it

A functionality like this should be part of Plugin Manager, me thinks.

What I like most is that the search supports basic grep: ^Re will get all scripts that start with Re… and onents$ all that end with …onents.

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