New to Glyphs—What is this orange blob with a cross through it?

Hello there,

Very sorry if this is glaringly obvious BUT I can’t seem to find info on this anywhere.
I’ve just started out learning the programme. Having drawn this ‘E’ I then hit Glyphs—correct path direction and got hit with this little orange blob with a blue cross through it… presume some kind of error but would be grateful for any advice here.

can you post a screenshot?

you know what, I had completely forgotten to do that sorry! Now attached…it’s the orange marker on the bottom left

You mean in the lower left corner? That means that there are two nodes on top of each other. Select the Top leftmost point and press the Tab key a few times and you see that you need two tabs to get over that corner.

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Ahh thank you so much! So simple in the end but I’d never have figured that out :slight_smile: Appreciate it