newTab(), use alway default previewHeight

Could it be possible to not init previewHeight when using newTab() ?
And use last tab/current tab previewHeight instead ?

Please, can you do something for this ? :sweat_smile:

Could it be possible to use as the default value the value set in the current tab and not the last tab? Something like:

if Font.currentTab:
    default_preview_height = Font.currentTab.previewHeight
    default_preview_height =[-1].previewHeight

Font.tabs[-1].previewHeight = default_preview_height

It happened to me a few times. Can you drag-resize the current tab before you open the new tab.

I think for the API it would make more sense if previewHeight always initialized to the same value (probably 0) until the developer decides to set it to something. For the UI, I agree with Hugo that a new tab should have the same previewHeight as the active tab Font.currentTab, whereas right now it takes the previewHeight from the last tab Font.tabs[-1].

Also while I was looking at this I noticed some strange behaviour. If I want to open 3 tabs, I would press Cmd-T three times, but this only opens 2 tabs. If I continue to press Cmd-T, it switches between tabs instead of opening new ones.

It takes the heigh from when it was changed the last time.