Nitpick: When dragging an item in a grid, it distorts

When I drag an item or path in a diagonal motion, it gets immediately distorted:
shown above a spacing of 100 and 4 subdivisions.

tbh not sure if it’s working as expected… on one hand I understand that the user is dragging something in a grid, but
maybe it’d be better to wait until the user releases the mouse to check how to align object it in the grid?

This is exactly what should happen. The rounding is done on setting the coordinates. But there are measures that prevent further rounding errors.

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but, if I’m dragging the element into different coordinates, but exactly a same grid as the original, shouldn’t it keep the shape since the object is still positioned in the same grid as before? (as in, I’m not placing it in a grid that uses different spacing)

Anyway, for now I’ll use the keyboard arrows, since it seems to work fine that way.

I’m still a new Glyphs Mini user. I’ve noticed it does this for some points, and sometimes the BCP’s, when they are not on the grid, when you’re dragging things. But so far, I can’t tell exactly when and why it does this, to know when it’s consistently doing it. It happens for curved segments at least sometimes.

I have not yet figured out how to keep points (nodes) from snapping to the grid when you Rotate a path. – For example, say I want to create an asterisk by copying, pasting, and rotating a pair of shapes, so they rotate around a center point. The only time the nodes / points are going to stay on the grid is if it’s 90 degree increments; 45, 30, 60, 72, any angle other than Delta 90 degrees results in some points snapping to the grid in a way I don’t want. I haven’t yet found how to keep it from doing this, but there must be a way to turn the snap-to off for an operation. (It’s probably obvious and I’ve just not noticed yet.)

But when I have a shape drawn with its nodes and BCP’s as needed, with the snap-to-grid on, and if I drag the shape into place, or flip it horizontally or vertically, or if I want to rotate it, intuitively, I want my shape to stay unmodified. – Er, I have not yet found out how to do this, or if Glyphs Mini thinks this is what I want or what it thinks should happen.

While I like several things Glyphs Mini does, this particular behavior is bothersome. I need to finish reading the manual, and I need to look at videos again.

Thanks in advance for any feedback / help.

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@BlueCatShip I just reported a rotation bug:
might be part of the culprit?

Fonts use a unit grid, on which all outline coordinates are placed. You can (temporarily) increase the precision of the unit grid by entering a higher Subdivision value in File > Font Info (Cmd-I).