No accessible unicode for CID mapping


I’m working with an open-source font (Source Han Sans) in Glyphs. There is a small group of characters for which I know glyphs exist but which I can’t find via the app since no corresponding CID to Unicode mapping is shown in table view or accessible via search.

For example:

Unicode: U+4EBB, UTF-8: E4 BA BB, X0213: 2-01-21"

Which file did you open in Glyphs? and from this set SourceHanSansJP-Light.otf

I’m using the current Glyphs beta.

I think I found the reference I was looking for… on the font’s GitHub repository there is a mapping file:

I also realize now that I was using encodings outside of the Radical tables for these characters. In short, I think I’ll be able to find what I’m looking for now.

I had a look at the Source Han Sans and I’m working on a mapping file that would convert the CIDs to readable names. (Wenn sie dabei helfen wollen, chicken sie mir eine Mail).

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I also found a small problem with the “Unicode to Glyph Names” Service. Maybe you saw this already: