No easy way to work with COLR fonts

I’ve been trying to find workflows for working with colorfonts, and I find that there doesn’t seem a good way to create layers that are the same across all glyphs.

The COLR layers don’t even seem to carry over into component glyphs.

For this font I’ve designed all the component glyphs and would like to create a layer for each .001 and .002 version of that particular glyphs with a specific COLR setting, but the monkey work is just gruelling at the moment.

When I select one glyph where I know it has five layers, it shows the layers, but if I make a selection where I still know all the different glyphs have five layers, I see nothing, I can’t set any of the layers to a specific color in the COLR palette either when I select many because it doesn’t show the layers in the layer panel.

The components should get the colors on export. But if you like the same two or tree colors per glyph, try this: Creating a layered color font | Glyphs .