No Kerning after Export

I’ve set up my kerning using KernOn (not sure if that changes anything) and once I export my typeface, the kerning doesn’t register in any design platforms. Any ideas how to fix this?

Note: I’ve also made 100% sure it’s the correct file installed.

Are you using the current cutting-edge Glyphs version? And have you a custom kern feature defined Font InfoFeatures?

I do not have a kern feature. I’m also running 3.9.1, not the newest cutting edge version.

Can you have a look at the current version number in GlyphsAbout Glyphs. The latest non-cutting-edge should be 3.1.2.

Yup, sorry made a mistake - it says 3.2 (3179).

I think it might be an issue on my computer, as a friend of mine exported the typeface and it worked, working on clearing my font caches now to see if that helps.

This is why I was going to ask how you made “100% sure” you were using the current exports.

Read this: Testing your fonts in Adobe apps | Glyphs

Didn’t realize font caches could cause an issue, I figured as long as I was deleting the previous version properly it would be fine - it wasn’t… All sorted now, just cleared my caches and we’re running smoothly.

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