No letters in the sample

Cyrillic font is created in glyphs 2.2.1
In adobe Illustrator cc 2015 no letters in the sample (“б” and “з”):

How did you install the font. It might be a font cache issue:

I copied the cache adobe and just install - no letters. May be some problem with the mac os cache. did the cleaning through the terminal - nothing) p.s. I’m sorry my English bad))

Read this please:

Hi man, i did this

Does it appear in a different user?
Can you send us the .glyphs file?

Do you have a complete uppercase and lowercase? Adobe apps won’t fill in missing glyphs and misbehave if the basic alphabet has not been created.

I sent the link to .glyphs file in a personal message

Yes, make all the letters.

It displays a Latin sample word for me in both InD CS6 and CC2015. Not sure when InD switches to a Cyrillic sample word. You may want to inquire this in the Adobe forums.

I would try to use a different font name to really rule out any font cache/old version problems.

Other name really helped! The problem is in the cache, but I’m not sure what I’m going to change the name of the font to another)) Thanks for the help.

While testing, NEVER install the font in the system. Only use the Adobe Fonts folder as described in tutorials above. And if you need to install it in the system (to test in MSOffice), add a number to the name and increase the number every time you export.

thanks for the help