No line spacing when WOFF font is used online

Having issues with line spacing when displaying my font online, never had this issue before on my website and I’m not sure if I am doing something obviously wrong… Seems to be set at 0 I have tried adding additional ascender and descender height but nothing seems to change.

See screenshot attached and data from my glyphs file, if anyone has any ideas to help solve that would be great.

What is your Units per Em in font settings. The line height is something around 120 % of the UPM. So if you ascender + descender is about that height, it will look like in your case. For now, increase the UPM until it looks good.

Cheers that worked a treat!!

I don’t usually change the default height when beginning a new typeface, but as I made it 1000 high that must have been the case.

Many thanks for the quick reply.