No Name Table, font exporting


Just after update of glyphs (recent beta) I came across a problem after exporting my font.

The font does not work in TextPreview (no matter where I export it), it doesn’t appear in InDesign font menu and it is not possible to open the .otf file in Glyphs (No Name Table.)

Anyone experience similar problem?

I am having the same problem. The resulting font cannot be found/opened anywhere including InDesign, TextEdit, FontExplorer, and Glyphs.

Same here.

Same here.
The previous cutting edge -1006- is right

Did you export with v.1007? There is a problem in that version (fixed in the coming update). Try v.1006 (find it in the Trash) until the next cutting edge version is online.

is there a way to restore the previous version?
unfortunately I emptied my trash

Try to download at:




The new cutting edge solves the problem, thanks!


This seems to be again a problem.
Any one experience that as well?

Is this still a problem?