"No Symbol" sign error - and how should I solve it?

I’ve recently encountered a new icon/symbol of an error.
I specifically added a slash glyph, and it appeard - a red circle with a red diagonal line in it (much like the “no entry/general warning sign” in driving).

What is this icon, and how do i solve the issue?
also - in a more meta question - where can i find a list of all the error type symbols/icons?
i’d expect to be able to realize the issue by hovering over the signal - perhaps something that should be added to the software?

The sign means that the glyph is set to not export. There is a checkbox for this in the lower left info box.

Should be documented in the handbook. Perhaps we can also do a tutorial about it.


That would be great, since defining these signs is abit difficult (aka “yellow triangle with exclamation mark” etc.), resulting in having a problem finding the solution in previous threads.

What should we do?
For example, I have this warning sign on my _tail.Q, should I export it or just unchecked the export checkbox and let the warning sign appear?

This is not a warning sign. It is just telling you that this glyph is not exported. And you don’t need this glyph in the final font so all is fine.

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Got it, thank you, Georg!