Non-Component Selection

Is there any easy way to create a list with all glyphs not containing any components?

You can make a Smart Filter with criterion First Master has Components = No


Just what I was after. Thank you, eliason. Great stuff!

Could anybody help in sharing the opposite script of this;
I mean a method to show only glyphs that are Components (including components which originally are “selected paths”)?
Alternatively; a suggestion to have on the Font leftside menu > Components as a sub-menu (such as Basic, Marks, etc)

You mean filter for glyphs that are referenced by components?

Are all components covered by PATHS filter ?
admitting that I just discovered this :wink:

Not sure what you are trying to do and how you set up the filter.

I use a smart filter for finding paths regularly. Remember that, in Edit view, you can step through all filtered glyphs with Shift-Home/End.

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