Non-English font name table

Hello everyone.
Currently, Glyphs is the best tool for creating cjk fonts.
Especially making cid fonts is really convenient.
Thank you for your support in making Asian fonts.
But there is one disadvantage.
It’s a name table.
There are a lot of inconveniences in creating a non-English font name table.
I usually set it to show in two languages in Adobe programs in my country.

mac name(English) / window name(English) / mac name(Korea) / window name(Korea)

There are 4 types in each of these items by name id, and there are only 2 English names.
Of course not the right answer.
It is limited to put all these values ​​in the font information of the glyphs, and it is inconvenient to put them in even if you can put them in.
I tried various things using “Name Table Entry” of “Custom Parameter”, but it seems that certain name id may not be input or may be ignored.
The point is, even if the name information is properly entered by these operations, it is an inconvenient system because there are too many items.
I eventually had to change the name information using the ttx program.
Of course, this is not a bad idea, but if you can make the final file in Glyphs, we can save time and reduce the number of iterations.
Later, I would like to have an entry for manually entering name information for non-Latin languages.

It should work though. Can you send me the .glyphs file and the final .otf (after ttx) please to support (at) (this website without www). We will have a look.

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Thanks mekkablue,
I sent you the corresponding files(glyphs file & TTX edit otf) as a your message.
You may want to delete the "Name Table Entry"
Because, it is for testing purposes.

I see, there is a bug that does not recognize Korean in the localized entries. I filed a bug report.

I fixed it.

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Thanks Georg!