Not getting the right forms of arabic letters


I am using Glyphs 2.1.1 [Test version] on Mac OS X 10.9.5, I’m working on an arabic font , and not getting the right forms of letters (Initial, Medial, Final ) while typing using the Text tool, also it seems that the preview panel is not working! but it works fine after exporting.

The preview panel needs an instance set up in Font Info and selected.

Perhaps update and compile the features, also in Font Info.

Many thanks for your feedback, the preview panel is working now, but this font is already developed previously on FontLab,and it’s exported as UFO to test it and developed more on Glyphs , even after I updated the features it’s not previewing well ,

But the nice thing is that I got the right previewing only after I start creating a new font on Glyphs.

the shaping relies on the glyph names. Uncheck the “Use custom names” in Font Info > Other settings. Then select all glyphs in Font View and run “Glyph > Update Glyph Info”.