Not possible to make "update" in the features tab

When i click “Update” in features it says: “The operation could not be completed. No other information is available about the problem.”

I believe this issue could have started around the time when i recently updated Glyphsapp. And it seems to be giving this message for any of my fontfiles. I have Glyphs 3.2.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 12.53.13

Can you send me that .glyphs file?

Hey Georg, thanks for your reply. The error occurs no matter which file i open so i believe the issue is not related to a specific file. However i still sent you one of my files via email in case it’s helpful.

I fixed the problem. It happens when there is a different number of .dnom and .numr glyphs (the file you send had only .dnom.