Notation like =|n@100 calcuation bug with italics

I have the feeling a notation like =|n@100 doesn’t calculate values correctly in italics.
For instance, =|n and =|n@0 gives a very different value (=|n@0 is a negative one)
(I have properly set my italic angle in masters, instances).

Yes, calculation at the baseline is tricky. Can you try doing @5 (or @100, whatever suits your design. 100 is to make really sure)?

that’s not the point. I think the @ calculation does not takes in account the metrics box slant

I see. I never notices this but will check again. What angle are you using?

Note that you should never use @0. The @ notation doesn’t work properly if it’s on the bounding edge of a glyph. Use @1 instead, and do the same for other metrics (ex: @499 if your x-height is 500).

12° angle, on a sans serif

as said before, it’s not the point. I’ve checked different values before.

@GeorgSeifert ?

I’ll have a look.