Now Restart Glyphs

Now the plugin manager makes it easy for users to install new plugins, it’s even more surprising when you install a plugin and (apparently) nothing happens. The plugin manager says that the plugin is installed, but nothing has changed. Those of us who installed plugins manually will know to restart Glyphs at this point, but for those new to the experience it looks like it didn’t work.

You might save yourself from some support queries if you tell the user to restart Glyphs after a plugin has been installed.

Alternatively, why do we even need a restart? Is there a good reason why Glyphs can’t just load up the new plugin and call init on it straight away?


Yes. It’t supposed to ask for a restart.

The automatic loading would work in a few cases. But if the user hit Uninstall and then Install, the old plugin is still there (cocoa classes can’t be unloaded).