Nudge dragging drops precision

As you nudge-move nodes by dragging, the node positions move away from the mouse cursor position, making it very hard to land on a specific coordinate (e.g. when you want to close an open path). The problem gets worse in proportion to the distance from the original position.

Pushing the topic again.

When drag-moving a selection while pressing option key (including nudge move), the node and mouse coordinates start to drift as they move further away from the origin. When you think you snap to a point, Glyphs only places it slightly off.

There’s a hack that adds 1% movement for duplicating segments, which would otherwise fail. If you duplicate orthogonally (with Shift held down), it doesn’t add it. Or if you release the Opt key after starting dragging, but that is not an option (no pun intended) for nudging.

Agreed that we need to find a better workaround.