Nudge handles proportionately

Is there a keyboard shortcut that allow pairs of off-curve handles to be adjusted proportionately?

E.g. I have a curve with a width of a, a height of 2a, and balanced off-curve handles. With both off-curve handles selected, the keyboard shortcut + the up arrow would nudge the off-curve handle that is (0, y) by 2 units vertically and the off-curve handle that is (x, 0) by 1 unit horizontally.

Or in other words I like using the fit curve, but sometimes would like to fine tune things a little more, while keeping balanced handles. Is there an existing shortcut or plugin that allows that?

Are you looking for a ‘interpolated nudge’ function? It is a built-in function of Glyphs. If you want to balance the of-curve points you can run Rainer’s Tunnify script. You can install his scripts from the Plugin Manager section for scripts. You can set a custom keyboard shortcut in the Glyphs preferences to run the script easily. I have it set to Cmd+Opt+T.

Or you can try SuperTool.
You can install it from the Plugin Manager section for plugins.

You can Option-drag on a point on the curve to adjust its shape, that already gets you pretty far.

This is another option.
Kapture 2024-02-07 at 17.55.28

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That’s a smart idea! That wouldn’t work for non-orthogonally placed extreme points, though.

For non-orthogonally >> SuperTool work fine [Tunni Lines]

Thanks for all of the responses!

Etunni’s idea of scaling the pairs of off-curve points is closest to what I’m hoping to achieve. It’s extra helpful to see the marker on the Fit Curve in the sidebar move as the transformation is done. SuperTool is a good suggestion for the non-orthogonal points too.

I wasn’t aware of the Option-drag on a curve, so thanks for pointing that out Sebastian. I was surprised to find that shift + option + drag the curve didn’t adjust the off-curve points proportionately. It feels like that tool would be way more useful if it did.