Numerators and denominators

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I want to adjust my series of numerators and denominators in combination with the fraction bar. But in the Features menu I can choose only denominators or numerators, not both. Is there an easy way to solve this (instead of copy and paste)? I can do a testinstal but I prefer working in Glyphs of cource.
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You can construct the displayed text in Glyphs with glyph names, so you are not dependent on activating the features.

When you run this Python script in the Macro Panel, it will open a new tab with all combinations of numerator, fraction, and denominator.

glyphs = [

text = [
	for left in glyphs
	for right in glyphs


The fractions are separated by a newline (\n) character, but you can change that in the last line as you like.

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Yes. Thank you jkutilek

Yes you can, activate the frac feature.

And there is a mekkablue script called New tab with all fraction figure combinations.

Of course … Thank you!