Nutso2 in Glyphs

Has anybody ever gotten the Nutso2 to work in Glyphs? I’m talking about John Hudson’s stacked/nut fraction OT-feature code.

I have tried many permutations of how to put this into Glyphs, and while the fonts do compile, something is not working (for me) in the GPOS system so the alignment is borked.

So if anyone have been here before please chime in.

In which app are you testing/how it the alignment broken?

I’m testing in FontGoggles, together with the Nutso2.oft which works fine. You can see where I’m at with it:

I’m reading through the code again to see if I borked it somewhere.

I can try to create an example project file; will report back once I’ve tried.

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Cool, thanks.

I cannot get it to work just yet, but I might know what needs to be fixed for the export to succeeded.

I suppose the next step is to TTX the nutso2.otf and the one you have made and then compare them?

It’s only the delta X positions that are off, so I suspect the issue is with writing/computing those values. But not 100% sure yet; this is a rather unusual feature file.

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Any advance on the issue?