Odd and unintended letter<>punctuation spacing on 20° Italics


I am using Glyphs 3.0.3 (3089). I am working with a 20° Italic and 2048 UPM.

I am seeing some strange behaviour I have not seen before. There seems to be an overlap of spacing between letter and punctuation combinations. Other combinations seem to be fine. There is no kerning in the font yet. Any thoughts on if this is something on my end or a bug in glyphs?

Could it be that there is kerning for those pairs?

I haven’t started kerning yet. I wish it was that obvious! haha

I managed to figure out what the cause was, but I still think its a bug worth potentially fixing?

I had my x-height metrics tagged with a ‘letter’ scope to help me align the uppercase with x-height. Once I removed the scope from the x-height there is not mysterious spacing anymore.

The x-Hight is used as the base for the slanted rounding box. If it is different, then the bounding box is shifted.