Odd path overlap issue

I’m designing a single-shape “4” but I’m encountering an odd bug in the Bold master, best explained by a video:
Registrazione schermo 2023-08-06 alle 18.12.56.mp4.zip (285.2 KB)

For the moment, I’ve drawn it with two shapes and everything works as intended, this is more of a quality-of-life question

For description purposes: depending on the position of the two rightmost points of the “4” shape, Glyphs either correctly cuts out the counterform or fills the entire shape. This happens only for the Bold master, the exported OTF suffers the same issue. The interpolation between a working master (Regular) and the wrong master (Bold) is displayed and exported correctly.

Tested on both latest public release and latest beta

This is the same issue as this: Bug: Area which should appear white is painted - #4 by GeorgSeifert

Sorry, missed than one, closing this!