Offset Curve filter preview


I’m trying out the Offset Curve filter to make a monoline font using single path segments.
But I’m not sure if I’m using the filter correct though.

Is there a way to a closed path is not filled in the preview like in my screenshot?

And if I want rounded corners in the preview, is that possible?


The “Fill Preview” option in the View menu was is supposed to control the filling of the outlines. I fixed it.

And you might like to try the latest cutting edge version. The “Auto” option in the Offset Curve filter works much better now. That means you can draw the “O” the same hight as the “H” and the offset is only applied to the inside.

I’m working with the latest cutting edge version, but somehow the Offset Curve filter behaves buggy.
Glyphs crashes everytime I want to go to the Masters tab in Font Info.
Can I send you the file?


Please send the file. Email to support at this domain or a direct message in the forum.