Offset curves adds extra points

When I use offset curves it sometimes creates extra redundant points, is this something I’m doing wrong in my path.

Its annoying as I have to delete the extra points it creates.

I don’t see any extra points on your image. You still have the inflection and the additional points intact.

The red dot, there are two points in the same location

Have you tried Paths/Tidy up Paths to get rid of those.

It would have been an easy life; creating an additional master with a different weight by using “Offset Curve” > Eventually it does not preserve the paths number of points

Yea I agree, I’m trying to make a bold version but the extra points make it a total ball ache

Yea tried that, for some reason it doesn’t remove them.

I will have a look. For now, run Path > Tidy up Paths.

That is a bummer. I tried both with manually positioning two points and with the offset curve and both times Tidy Up was up to par. Maybe offset curve tool can be touched up a bit, so it doesn’t produce those at the first place.

Thanks for looking into it, I did try Tidy up Paths but it didn’t work, there is still two points, they are not in exact same place, perhaps that’s why its not cleaning it up?

Yes. That most certainly is the case. For the time being clicking “e” and manually removing points is your best bet.

I think a tolerance setting of either the Offset curve or TidyUp will do wonders in this regard (e.g. anything less than a particular length to be tidied up).

I think I figured out why tidy up wasn’t working, I set the grid and subdivision to 0,0 (was importing from illustrator) I set it back to 1,1 and tidy up seems to work now, it removes the points