Offset Preview is showing nothing

Are there any users who also experienced that with Version 2.4.2 ?

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Did you run the Offset Paths filter at least once of that font?

Definitely several times … on different glyphs and files
I also turned off all other add-ons

I cannot get it to work either in Version 2.4.2 (1056).

I got the same problem since upgrading to version 1056 I think.

Was this ever fixed? Preview Offset does not seem to work anymore


It works fine for me.

No complains.

Hi - sorry for resuscitating an old thread…
It’s working, but only on closed paths, which defeats its purpose for monoline fonts development (as per your tutorial).
What am I doing wrong? Please let me know your suggestions.
Thank you

The offset preview uses the last setting of the offset curve filter. So you need to run it with ‘Make Stroke’ checked.