Old Style Figures as default?

I have a font with Tabular lining, Proportional lining & Old style Proportional figures

In Indesign, the standard proportional lining figures are set as the default figure style.

Would it best possible to force old style proportional figures to be the default figure style that users are greeted with when using the font?

Yes. Rename your figures accordingly, update the features, and export. Or simply change the default in InDesign.

What do you mean by, “I have a font”? Your design or a font you purchased?

Sorry, yes a font I have designed.

By default Indesign sets figures to proportional lining (unless the user has defined otherwise)

So i would make my old style proportional my lining proportional in glyphs?
Just swap them around?

The default numbers are the one without a suffix. So add the propitiate suffix to the now suffix free and remove th .osf from the ones you like to be default.

Awesome, thanks for the assistance Georg & Mekkablue