On Screen Problem / bug

Hi There,

I have created an Arabic font to match with a Latin version, So I had to merge all the Latin characters to make them one bilingual font, so far so good, while the Arabic font works well but the Latin is causing a strange artifact on screen on small point size, this problem persists in the new (bilingual one, but not in the original Latin font,

Please have a look at the attached, the letters in the bilingual one are jumping up and down!!, any idea please

Looks like a hinting problem. Do you have autohinting (otf) on? Or, if you’re creating a ttf, do you have ttfautohinter on?

Yes I have autohint (on) (otf)

any advise?

Did you check the alignment zones and stem settings?

Thank’s dear, the problem is because I haven’t updated the alignment zones, it’s now fixed, I have just clicked the reload button, and everything works well!

but I have 2 questions out of curiosity:

1 - how come these settings didn’t affect the Arabic?
2 - what’s the stem settings? where can I see it, and what it does?

Thanks again

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Please read the chapter about PostScript Hinting in the handbook. All necessary steps are described in detail there.

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