One of the variable font axes doesn't work

Hello, everybody! I hope you’re doing well.
I’m posting this here as I’ve been struggling in the past few days while creating a variable font. I’m working on the width and weight axes, so I drew the extreme masters of both (although I’ve used the offset curve script feature to create the bold version).

The thing is: when I export and try it on Adobe’s programs, I can just change the width, not the weight (I have the two sliders, but only one works fine). The other thing is, If I export in OTF, I can select all my 4 weights (light, regular, semibold and bold), but when using the variable version, I have 6 weights to choose from and in the wrong order (for example semibold, regular, bold and light, from top to bottom).

I’m using the newest version of Glyphs and I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. I’ve followed tutorials and even used one of the examples posted around here to guide me through the process. I would love to get your insight into this issue.

Thank you.
I hope you have a nice week ahead of you.

We need more info. Can you post screenshots of your master settings or send us the file?

You only speak about weight instances and never mention the widths??

Oh, I never thought you would be so quick, I was working on the screenshots, haha. I’m sorry, I’m new to this and not quite aware of how this works, but I’m an enthusiast.
The masters:

The font definitions.

I made the bold version this way (I think that the problem probably relies here on).

The width works fine, like I can change the width when using the font on Illustrator.

Thank you for your time!

the for masters need to sit on a rectangle and one master in the centre.
You mixed the numbers quite a bit.
Something like a Regular in your case.
then you can do:
Regular: 500/5
Condensed: 500/3
Light: 300/5
Bold: 700/5
Expanded: 500/3

Or you do:
Light Condensed: 300/3
Light Expanded: 300/7
Bold Condensed: 700/3
Bold Expanded: 700/7

On the masters or instances?

Ok, I think I got it! I’m going to try with all the letters!
Thank you so much!