Open Glyphs 3 file in Glyphs mini version

Hi! Is it possible to open a file which was created in Glyphs 3 (full version) into Glyphs mini?
Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 15.51.16

Glyphs Mini is based on Glyphs 2 and can thus run into compatibility issues when trying to open a file in Glyphs 3 format. This is not a limitation of Glyphs Mini, but of Glyphs 2 vs. Glyphs 3.

Ask the person who created the Glyphs 3 file to save it in Glyphs 2 format. Font Info → Other → File format version → Version 2

Glyphs Mini also does not support all of the features of the full app, which is why files from Glyphs 2 (or files in Glyphs 2 format) are not always compatible with Glyphs Mini. The other way (opening a Mini file in the full app) always works.